TFS the recipe!

The first week of the month is generally busy for me- what with the Recipe Swap post going up the first Sunday of the month and the SRC post going live the first Monday of the month. As a result, the weekend is always spent working on the posts and since I am a big time procrastinator, I end up baking/cooking, editing photos and blogging two posts in one day. I know, I really should plan things better!

Anyway yesterday proved to be doubly busy as I finally made myself a Facebook page for the blog! Yay!

After toying with the idea for months, I finally decided its time to face my fears. When asked by V why I wouldn’t get a Facebook page, I would give him the excuse that I am too scared that no one will like my page and also a big reason for no FB…

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hmm.. looks yummy! TFS the recipe 🙂

hmm.. looks yummy! TFS the recipe 🙂

Field Notes From Fatherhood

So here’s the thing. I’ve been really, really busy lately settling into a new country, a new home, new schools, new everything. I haven’t had much time to write. But there are posts that I wrote when I kicked this whole thing off, back when I had about three followers and no one was reading this blog. But I like those posts. So I’ve decided, although it feels a bit like cheating, to repost some of those old bits while I scramble for time to write new ones. This was the one that kicked the whole Freshly Pressed thing off, the one that had me befuddled when I suddenly went from about 10 views a day to about 12,000. I hope it’s useful, I hope it’s entertaining, and I hope that you’ll bear with me while I sort our new life out. Cheers!

One of the keys to success in…

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hmm.. looks yummy! TFS the recipe 🙂

Little by Listen

It is a little over halfway through 2012 and a large breadth of music has been released in this time.  This of course means that it is time to list what, in our opinion, are the best albums so far this year.  We do this not to proselytize our readers into congratulating us on our superb music tastes, but instead to evaluate the current musical landscape.  Today’s list will also provide some loose guidelines for when we do make our end of the year list – although it is merely a predictor and not definitive on how we will feel at the end of the year.

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hmm.. looks yummy! TFS the recipe 🙂

knit the hell out

Last week I was lamenting about the other Ishbel I was working on. After hemming and hawing over how much or little I like the variegation in the yarn with this pattern, I have decided not to rip it, but it can stay in my UFO (unfinished objects) drawer for awhile while I work on some other things. Since I only have about 14 rows left to finish it, so ripping it seems like a waste. I really appreciate all of the input from readers on that post.

Instead, I pulled a partially done Ishbel in Araucania Ranco Solid sock yarn (color 105) out of my UFO drawer and decided to work on it so I could satisfy my need to have an Ishbel in my hands sooner than later, and I could get something out of that pile.  I wasn’t sure where I was in the lace pattern so…

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