About me


Glad to have you here!

Welcome to my journaling world. A place I jot down my ideas, dreams, steps and plans on being a homemaker.

I am Eka, a SAHM married to the love of my life,  blessed with two young homeschoolers  and one angel baby, who live in Indonesia.

Have a little backyard and planning to plant and eat something out of it!

Interested in homemaking, since I realize, it is very important to create a nice, cozy, warm home for my family.

My other obsession is scrapbooking. I cannot stand looking at wonderful papers and embellishments without bringing them home. LOL. Bad habit, really. Bad habit.

For now, I limit doing scrapbook only as a hobby, since I am focusing on educating our family palate to have healthier eating habit.

With all those blessings from God, I am really enjoying myself being a wife, a mom and a citizen of Earth.

That’s why in all that I do, I am trying to be a happier and healthier person and helping Mother Earth staying green, even greener, if I could.. 🙂

All what I write in this blog, is proven in my home and work for me to creating a happy home and of course, before that,  a happier me! Hope the tips I write here will be useful for you too!Happy reading!

Please kindly leave comments and your URL blog address so I can payback a visit to your cyber home!

Or, if you like, you could contact me by email at: supereasyhomemaking@gmail.com

Warm regards,



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