Chrysanthemum Tea


Chrysanthemum Tea is made of dried chrysanthemum flower petals and boiling hot water.

Also known as Anthemis grandiflorum or Anthemis stipulacea.

The dried petals, below:

Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Petals

Here’s what they looked like after simmered in the boiling water.


After soaking in boiling water


The water will get yellowish after a minute or two.

Just brewed it about 5-10 minutes, it will get bitter when soaked for too long.

It has mild fragance. Love how such tiny dried flower petals could have lots of medicinal uses.

You could read several of  the healing properties here , here or here.
My Brewing Pot

For our family, this tea is served best when catching cough or flu.

We sip it while it’s still hot and it relieves the stuffy nose and warm the body.

Sometimes I added some honey or rock sugar if needed.

But most of the time we just had it plain, enjoying the sweet, mild fragrant of its originality.

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