Nacho Beans Made by a Gringo

Wow. I have the ingredients in the fridge. Love to try this one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Look so fresh and mouthwatering!



It’s cold again… or still. I could take a photo of the weather (or maybe just the tribe of eskimos who have set up their camp in the corner of my yard and, to my surprise have been living off Icelandic ice fish ever since) but that would just be stupid and contrary to popular belief I am not stupid. Maybe just a little simple… or maybe not. Nah, simple is like tying your shoelace after 23 years practice, or scoring some weed at the Nimbin Mardigrass (this is an actual event PS), or cooking a dog to medium-rare in a hot car…

Good weather for some Mexicano style chilli thing I hear you say. Or maybe not. I guess their climate is not exactly cold and wet is it? No, they seem to like their food hot, and their climate hot, and their women… well Penelope Cruz…

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