Hello World… Introducing Two Little Chefettes’ Challenge

Love to find your site! I am a domestic cook with the same drama. lol.

2 Little Chefettes

Welcome to Two Little Chefettes’ Monthly Challenge.

As domestic cooks — read: being the person in charge to do all the cooking-related thingy at home — we spends most of our time thinking on what to cook for dinner today. After a while, it become more and more annoying that we decided that we need some drama every now and then to avoid ourselves from being bored in the kitchen.. Not too much drama, of course.. Just enough to keep us both excited everyday.

Now, to make the drama more fun, we — Ridha and Bebe — came up with this monthly cooking challenge together. Every month we decide one specific ingredient and we must use it as the main ingredient in our dish. The ingredient can be anything and the choices of recipes are endless. We can either bake it, steam it, fry it or even just let it raw.. anything we…

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