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The Solitary Cook

I mean ever.  Every now and then the memory of it would resurface from culinary school days.  One evening, Chef Peter asked if I would like to make a bread called Casatiello.  It was clear from the glimmer in his eye and the sense of anticipation in his question that the right answer was yes.   He handed me his recipe, then took me off with him to raid other kitchens for some sausage (we found andouille in the butchery kitchen) and cheese (provolone, garde manger).  I felt like a pirate.  Well, maybe the pirate’s apprentice.

At any rate, while I was cooking the andouille and letting it cool, Chef Peter went off and found me a paper bag in which to bake the bread, explaining that was how it was traditionally baked in Italy.  And when I say paper bag, it was literally a grocery store paper bag –…

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