Love this line you wrote: “I am a strong believer in investing and building value in people and possessions.” Couldn’t agree more!

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If this were just about money I’d be calling it ‘how to be cheap’, but it’s not. It’s about value in general and how we value vs. dispose of the things in our lives including both our possessions and our relationships.

A friend of mine once taught me that if you keep a car for five years after you’ve paid it off, you save 30K. Do it for ten years and you save 60K.

This got me wondering what it is that makes us so quick to dispose of things anyway. Cars, clothes, electronic equipment, phones, etc.–we are addicted to the upgrade. And let’s not forget relationships.

In my work I see it over and over again: nice couple gets married, has a few good years, things begin to get challenging as they fall into those typical marital patterns we all know and love, and, finally, they get rid of…

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