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Do Not Disturb

Communication within a marriage doesn’t come easy. Actually, that’s not true.  Communication is going to happen whether we intend it to happen or not.  But sometimes we may intend for our thoughts or actions to communicate one thing, and our spouse may translate it in a completely different way.

For example, I remember a time when Megan came to me and said she needed to talk with me for a while.  And before she started she prefaced by saying, “I’m going to cry a lot while I talk.”  (Uh-oh…I bet I’ve done something wrong, I thought to myself.)  “Have I done something wrong?” I asked. “No, no…I just need to talk.” (Hmm…well that’s a relief.  Maybe she needs help solving some other problem, then.)

And as she talked and cried there were times when I would try to interject – times when I would try to find whatever solution “I”…

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