My Life as a Woman of God

My life is complicated. Yet, I am trying out to make it simpler. As a woman, I once a baby, a little girl, a young woman and a woman. Yet still a granddaughter, a daughter and a sister. Not mentioning in-laws and all the big family of ours.

I am trying to figure out, what should I do everyday.

To be a woman. To be a woman God wants me to be. Everybreath I take is a gift. My life is not mine, that’s the reason I have to live responsibly before God.

I love reading, thinking and learning. I have tons of books, but only few changed my life. Those are my favorite writers and I love reading those books all over again. Until the covers look ugly. Now they are off from my shelves, for others to read.

I am a big fan of Karol Ladd‘s book entitled The Power of a Positive Mom. My dearest hubby told me, I was changed a LOT after reading that book. Something is different, he’d say. I am now more relaxed, happier and warmer compared to back then.

Also deeply in love with Who Puts My Life on Fast-Forward and Making Life Rich Without Any Money by Phil Callaway. Those books brought me into tears and chuckles all the way I read them. Life-changing, controversial thought, written in a light, fun and enganging ways. I finished reading it only in less than 3 days!

Reading Bible with small group of Motherwise by Denise Glenn also played important part in my life. I could see example of older woman who already serving her husband and family in godly values. Thanks to Jo, my closest friend, who arranged the meeting and Cie Irna Tjoe who become our group leader. Those weeks were marvellous weeks, lots of things to learn.

Last, but not least, the books I read as my dearest cousin, Vera, recommended and lent me her book, Tuesday with Morrie by Mitch Albom. She lent me the moment I was at the deepest sorrow by the time I lost my dearest grandma. I was total helpless and deeply wounded. I cried everynight while reading that book. It brought me a fresh point of view in looking at this life.

So…before reading? What kind of a mom was I back then? *grin* You could ask my boys, I could get angry easily with all those small unimportant stuff. I am learning and keep on learning. On and on. Never stops.

Not only from books I am learning from. I have sisters, friends and also cyber friends as well who shared their thoughts with photos, vids and their writings. That’s why I am writing my personal blog. I want to write down what I am doing and learning, in case it will inspire others. As others inspire me.

Warm wishes,



Especially for my special dear friend, Devi.

Your text messages when we chat encourage me to create this blog.

Thanks. Cannot make it (again) without you, Sis.

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